Multi-Day Rafting Expeditions

Triad River Tours is based primarily out of Bellingham, Washington, but our expedition roots precede us and we just cannot help but spread the joyous experiences we've had doing multi-day expeditions. Our affiliated outfitters offer adventures in many other states and a few countries. Our primary clientele is from Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver. These cities are close enough to us that you could take a day off of work and get in some great rafting and be home for dinner; that's fantastic and that's why we are here. There is yet another way that people seek our expertise, and it comes to your annual family, couple, or individual vacations. Multi-day recreational travel in the whitewater realm is absolutely the way to go when you are planning your next vacation if you live in Washington. 

Come see the majesty of Washington’s nature and let go of the stresses of city living

Come see the majesty of Washington’s nature and let go of the stresses of city living

When you look around at maps of Western Washington, what do you see? Short, fun, playful paddle rivers and beautiful slow meandering scenic trips. The thing about these rivers is that no matter how scenic, magnificent, and family friendly they may be, they are, by definition, coastal rivers that are all carrying water from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. What makes them accessible to people that live in the city is exactly what makes them less remote. Our Washington rivers are serene and majestic, and they are within our reach at any given time. With so many professionals living in Western Washington, and so much stress in our daily lives, our company feels that an escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives is exactly what most of us need. But when we are looking to take our paid vacation, or when we have a week or an extended 3 or 4 day weekend, the multi-day expeditions on the roadless wilderness areas of Idaho and Oregon are the places to go. 

Mountain River Outfitters has been one of the industries leading multi-day expedition whitewater outfitters in North America for over a decade. Their refined, relaxing style of rafting soothes even the most stressed out executive and lulls them into the serenity of the river corridors of the SnakeSalmon, and Owyhee Rivers. We really encourage you to give some thought to these extended day rafting trips when you plan out your next vacation. Please feel free to contact us at Triad, at (360) 510-1243, if you have any questions about these trips. The founder of Triad spent a decade guiding multi-day expedition whitewater trips with many of the guides at Mountain River Outfitters, and can give you detailed explanations of the workings of these kinds of trips. The meals, the guides, the boats, and the trip itineraries are so refined, they border on luxurious. At some point we all deserve to get away from the ordinary, and this is our opportunity to give that to you. The experiences you take with you on multi-day expedition rafting trips will last a lifetime, they are a great way to reestablish connections with family and friends, and remind ourselves of the true beauty and connection out in mother nature. Sometimes you just need to get away... We can help.

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