whitewater pack list

Whitewater Rafting Day Trip Pack List

 What Triad Provides:

  • Type V Life Jacket specifically designed for whitewater

  • Whitewater Specific helmet

  • First Aid kits (1 per raft)

  • Rescue ropes (1-2 per raft)

  • Extensive recovery kits for rescues (1 per trip)

  • Certified guides on every raft

  • Shuttle to and from the meeting location and take out location

  • Wetsuits available for rent

What you may want to bring on the raft with you:

  • Old Tennis Shoes, sandals, or booties (protection for your feet)

  • Warm Socks (not cotton)

  • Base Layer (capilene, under armor, etc)

  • Extra clothes (not cotton)

  • Rain or Splash Jacket

  • Insulin or other medical necessities

What you may want to leave at your car:

  • All of your personal belongings (do not take valuables on your trip)

  • A towel

  • Anything cotton

  • Lunch

  • Beverage (for AFTER your trip)

  • Worries