Our Expert Guide Staff


Luke Everest Baugh

  • 24 years river experience (18 as a certified professional guide in Idaho, Oregon, West Virginia, Washington)
  • Wilderness First Aid & CPR/First Aid Certified (WFA by Remote Medical International)
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT-1 by Swiftwater Safety Institute)
  • Masters Degree in Business Management/MBA (Outdoor Recreation focused)

Notable Quote: "The only reason we go to the river is to get off the boat ramp"

Place where quote was registered: Every single day at every put in and take out on the river.

 Luke Baugh, lead whitewater river guide for Triad River Tours

Raised around the rivers of the Bitterroots in the small Northern Idaho town of Orofino, Luke grew up spending time on the Lochsa, Selway, Clearwater, Snake, Salmon, Tucannon, St. Joe, and Grande Ronde Rivers. He took his first guide training trip in 1994 and became a licensed whitewater rafting guide in 2000. Luke was privileged to have been mentored by some respected names in the rafting business such as Dave Cook, Mike and Connie Kennedy, Roy Akins, Doug Dennis, Jon (A.K) Barker, and his older brother Jess Baugh who currently operates Mountain River Outfitters out of Riggins, Idaho. Luke has led over 50  wilderness multi-day rafting expeditions, spending the majority of his time as a lead guide for Idaho Afloat and Mountain River Outfitters in Hells Canyon of the Snake River and the Salmon "River of No Return" wilderness. He has been a trained swiftwater rescue technician since 2003 and currently holds his SRT-1 from Swiftwater Safety Institute. Luke has trained and certified many rafting guides for several outfitters on multiple rivers. A natural teacher, Luke is also a registered Yoga teacher in the Ashtanga lineage. He has a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and a Masters degree in business with a focus on environmental and economic sustainability in the outdoor recreation industry. 



Joshua Cedar Larsen

  • 17 years river experience (6 as a certified professional guide in Washington)
  • Wilderness First Responder & CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Swiftwater Rescue Trained/SRT-1 by Swiftwater Safety Institute
  • Accomplished Class 5 Kayaker
  • Graduate of World Class Kayak Academy (Class of 2011; S. America)
  • Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science

Notable quote: "this is definitely NOT class 5" 

Place while quote was registered: Whilst running Boulder Drop 

 Joshua Larsen guides a whitewater raft down the Sauk River.

Joshua Larsen learned to kayak in the famous rivers of West Virginia, and since then has paddled all over the world, as well as North America.  He is a graduate of the World Class Kayak Academy.  From Colorado, he comes to the North Cascades after spending the last few years in Salt Lake City, Utah where he kayaked the high mountain rivers of the Wasatch Mountains.  He now is finishing his degree in Environmental Science, where his passion for rivers is enforced through his pursuit for a career that involves raising awareness about sustainability and preserving our natural treasures.  As a close student of the river, he hopes to share the intimate relationship he has grown to have with it by helping others in the community re-establish their own connection with the beautiful rivers of the Cascades. 



Brandon Steele

  • 23 years river experience (17 as a certified professional guide in Washington, Colorado, California, and West Virginia)
  • Wilderness First Responder & CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT-1) & Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT-2)
  • Creature Craft lead guide: First Inflatable Descents in New Zealand and Washington, and a 2017 descent of Sunset Falls.

Notable quote: "Don't tell everyone that I'm a comedian because that's going to set the bar too high, tell them I'm a guy who runs strange rafts with roll cages (called Creature Crafts) and runs first descents on other continents but is otherwise pretty average"

Place where quote was mentioned: At the side of the river after being asked to "make us laugh"

 Whitewater guide Brandon Steele, guide for Triad River Tours

Whitewater guide Brandon Steele, guide for Triad River Tours

Brandon (RiverDriver) has been a professional river runner in Washington State since 2002 and has been running rivers since 1995. He has also spent a couple seasons traveling in the states for whitewater guide work in Northern California, West Virginia, Colorado, and Idaho. He has run many sections of river privately as well including a 22 day trip down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, a riverboard trip down the Rogue River in Oregon and a wealth of other rivers all over the West coast. International travels include Canada and New Zealand with a couple of first inflatable boat descents on very challenging whitewater rivers in the Southern Hemisphere. With a wealth of local and international experience as well as current WFR (Wilderness First Responder) SRTA (Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced) and CPR/First Aid certifications Brandon is a more than qualified river guide. 

When Brandon is not on the river with Triad River Tours he enjoys even more extreme whitewater with his Creature Craft, a specialty designed boat capable of running otherwise unmanageable whitewater. While traveling in NZ, Brandon made a first inflatable boat descent of Aratiatia Rapids in New Zealand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LP9jXwXdSg and you can check out his youtube channel of him doing other crazy Creature Craft stuff.

Brandon is an experienced stand-up comic and entertainer and his boat is always filled with laughter on the river. Other hobbies include bartending, skydiving, snowboarding, and "Anything that gets my adrenaline pumping."


Blake Henderson

  • 22 Years River Experience (9 as certified professional guide in California, Utah, and Washington)
  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT-1 Swiftwater Safety Institute)
  • Bachelors Degree in Business Management

Notable quote: "I am one hell of a safety tuber"

Place where quote was mentioned: Along the Sauk River after rescuing another boater while running a preliminary scouting trip in mid winter in an inner tube while wearing nothing but shorts.

 Certified Whitewater Guide Blake Henderson for Triad River Tours

Certified Whitewater Guide Blake Henderson for Triad River Tours

Blake was born in Seattle, Washington, Blake spent much of his youth rafting, fly fishing, and exploring the rivers and creeks of the North Cascades. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from Washington State University, his love for the outdoors led him to Lake Tahoe where he began guiding whitewater professionally on the rivers of Northern California. He has paddled rivers throughout the Western United States and Canada, including a 21 day descent of the Grand Canyon in 2013. He has also honed his skills as a guide for REI Adventures in the national parks of Utah, and as a private ski instructor in the Lake Tahoe area. He became a certified Wilderness First Responder in May of 2013. Blake has returned to Washington as a highly trained and skilled whitewater guide. He has always felt a special connection with the mountains and rivers of the Pacific Northwest, and he has a passion for sharing these spectacular places and experiences with others.


Kenny Frank

  • 12 years of river experience (4 as a certified guide)
  • Wilderness First Responder & First Aid/CPR certified
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT-1 Swiftwater Safety Institute)
  • Bachelors Degree in Geology 

Notable quote: (silence)

Place where quote was mentioned: Everywhere because Kenny is the silent type. Note that on every trip we somehow manage to "kill Kenny" but he is magically reborn at the beginning of every following trip (in sequence).

 Kenny Frank, guide for Triad River Tours

Kenny Frank, guide for Triad River Tours

Kenny Frank is an experienced private boater on many expedition style rivers, and is a first year commercial paddling guide at Triad River Tours. Kenny has floated rivers all over the western US and as far south as Ecuador. He grew up on the Salmon River in his home state of Idaho and has paddled numerous other rivers including the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and the Selway River in Idaho. He is a highly experienced boater and has advanced knowledge of river rescue and first aid. Kenny is currently studying geology at Western Washington University and is excited to share his knowledge about the geology surrounding Washington’s rivers.  Above all, Kenny is passionate about sharing the beauty and natural wonder of the river.  


Ryan Gillian

  • 25 years of river experience (21 as a certified guide)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT-1 Swiftwater Safety Institute)
  • Bachelors Degree in Outdoor Recreation Management

Notable Quote: "I prefer to spend my time kayaking underwater"

Where registered: At the end of the work day when Ryan gets into his "sinker" squirtboat kayak specifically designed to sink to the bottom of the river where he performs "mystery moves"

 Guide Ryan Gillian kayaking in his squirt boat at a kayaking competition

Guide Ryan Gillian kayaking in his squirt boat at a kayaking competition

Ryan Gillian is one of the most accomplished and experienced guides you will find on the river. A veteran of several rivers, as well as a ski patrolmen, Ryan has spent his life as a career outdoorsman. After working for decades as a wildland firefighter for the United States Forest Service, he became one of our lead guides in 2016. Ryan is an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and is the supervisor and auditor for all of our medical and emergency evacuation systems. His lines on the river are impeccably smooth, and he always has a knack for giving his guests the very best ride. 


Japhy Carpenter-Dorworth

  • 10 years of river experience(3 as a professional guide)
  • Experienced Class 5 whitewater kayaker
  • Graduate of Word Class Kayak Academy(Class of 2014:Chile, Equdor, Peru, Nepal, Canada)
  • Wilderness First Responder & CPR/First Aid Certified(WFR by National Outdoor Leadership School)

Notable quote: "There is no money to be made in kayaking, in fact that's how I spent all mine!"

When registered: during triad interview 


Raised by two River Rats in the small town of Mt Shasta, Californa. Japhy was exposed to the whitewater of Northern California and Southern Oregon from the time he was a toddler. Now at age 19 he has paddled the some of the stoutest drops and in some of the most remote places in the world. He was first introduced to the river via private rafting expeditions on Jefferson classics such as the Klamath, Rouge and Trinity rivers. At age 9 he picked up whitewater kayaking and attended Sundance Kayak school and later on in High school World Class Kayak Academy. He is always trying to push his limits and progress his ability when it comes to whitewater and has competed in numerous class 5 kayaking competitions on the west coast as well as internationally. Although he now pursues a degree as a physical therapists assistant, his passion for whitewater and love for the outdoors will never let him stop pursuing a career as a professional guide and professional kayaking athlete.



Nicholas Allen

  • 12 years river experience (8 as a certified professional guide in Montana and Washington)
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Bachelors degree in Chemistry

Notable quote: "I'm from Montana, the land of pink fluffy clouds and gnarly whitewater"

Place where quote was registered: At the beginning of a very long river trip

 Nick guides whitewater trips on the Sauk and Skagit Rivers for Triad River Tours

Nick guides whitewater trips on the Sauk and Skagit Rivers for Triad River Tours

Nick is a capable and experienced river guide who comes to us from the rivers of Eastern Idaho and Montana, where he logged over 45 swiftwater rescues and 300 trips prior to coming on staff with Triad River Tours. He has guided professionally on the Stillwater, the Yellowstone, and is a welcomed addition to our Sauk and Skagit River crew. He strives to positively engage with his guests at all times to create a light and fun experience.