Seattle Swiftwater Rescue Training SRT-1 Course 

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2019 Swiftwater Rescue Courses: 

April 20-21, 2019 | Packraft Specific Rescue Course | Snoqualmie River | $275

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April 23-25, 2019 | Swiftwater Rescue/SRT-1 Course | Snoqualmie River | $325

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April 26-28, 2019 | Swiftwater Rescue/SRT-1 Course | Snoqualmie River | $325

Click here to download syllabus for SRT-1 Course

Lead Instructor: Zak Sears

Course details:

Meeting time for all courses: 9am

Meeting location: Torguson Park, 750 E North Bend Way, North Bend, WA 98045 (see map below)

Need gear? Please contact your instructor directly.


Course Information

SRT-1 Course Details

This SRT training course for the Seattle area teaches rescue techniques with regard to limited resources in a remote setting. This three day 24-hr SRT course meets the needs of professional river guides as well as USFS and BLM employees. Recreational river runners or anyone working on or near moving water will gain valuable techniques in dealing with water hazards and emergencies. This intensive 24 hour class generally has two to three hours of on-land instruction each morning prior to entering the water.

Our SRT training course focus is on rescues with team members having limited rescue resources, people to help, and communication with outside parties. This course is designed to meet varying student skill levels, and everyone from seasoned guides to recreational river runners will benefit from the rescue techniques taught in this course. Self-rescue and hazard avoidance and recognition are key components in this swiftwater course. We teach basic technical rope systems, and then systematically remove hardware to increase the demand on the student to problem solve with limited gear and resources. Designed for people working on or around rivers or running rivers privately, this course is a “must have” for anyone wishing to run rivers in rafts or kayaks. Additionally, anyone finding themselves exposed to rivers will gain an incredible amount of knowledge from this course.


3 Year Swiftwater Rescue Training (SRT-I) Certification – with satisfactory practical and written skills evaluations.

Learning Objectives

  • Remote-based rescues with limited rescue resources

  • Personnel and group communication

  • Gaining comfort with swimming in rivers

  • Self rescue and rescue priorities

  • Foot entrapment extrication

  • Tethered swimmer (live bait)

  • Shallow water crossings

  • Hazard avoidance and recognition

  • Knots and anchors

  • Basic (horizontal) technical rope systems

  • Problem solving with limited gear and resources

  • Overall emergency assessment and recognition dealing with swift water application


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(source: swiftwater safety institute)

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Packraft Specific Rescue Training

The Swiftwater Safety Institute and Moab Rescue Technologies is providing a Packraft Rescue Crash Course. Space is limited so sign up early. This class is designed for individuals who are new to packrafting and need or want structured training on self-rescue, companion rescue, and basic paddling technique. Class fills up fast so register early.

Objectives:  SSI Rescue Philosophy -"Simple is smooth and smooth is fast,” Hazard Identification, Low-risk to high-risk rescue techniques, Self-rescue, Throwbag Rescues, Contact Rescues, Shallow Water Crossings, Hydrology, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Swimming (Passive and Aggressive), Foot Entrapment Extrication, Strainers. Packraft Specific skills will be self-rescue (Wet Exit, Wet Entry), Companion Rescue, Group travel and dynamics, Rapid Scouting. (Working on the river is a dynamic environment. Effort is made to cover each topic. Water levels, weather, student retention, and other elements may make some skills unworkable. No guarantees are made that all skills will be practically performed).

Notes: Completion of this course will not provide any “certification.” This is a quick course to get basic skills for packrafters hoping to get on the water.  There are minimal rope skills taught in this class which is very different than a Swiftwater Rescue Class, and this is not a course that is intended to teach you how to travel light. This class is heavy on swimming so plan on getting wet both days.

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(source: swiftwater safety institute)

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SRT Advanced Recertification

Instructor qualifications:

All SSI Advanced Recertification instructors have passed rigorous training objectives prior to being able to instruct the advanced course curriculum. All SRT-A instructors are lead instructors and are required by SSI to attend an Instructor Development Course every 2 years to maintain their teaching credentials.

Is this course right for me?

If you have been through one or several basic SRT training courses, you may feel like it is time to advance your level of training. This course is designed to front-load the objectives, and you will take a practical examination on morning one of your course. Please come prepared to enter the water directly afterwards and be challenged by multiple scenarios. The scenarios will be challenging and require effort, decision-making, and a hardened skill-set in order to be successful. We will introduce different rope systems and it is imperative that you come prepared with the basic knowledge of an SRT-I. The instructors are there to create challenging scenarios and create group cohesion. There simply is not enough time in this fast-paced course to re-teach all objectives learned in an SRT-I. If you simply need to recertify your basic skills, it would be best to enroll in an SRT-I.

Pre-requisites / Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Current SRT certification or 3 years out on your ACA training

  • Drysuit

  • Type V PFD

  • Waist throw bag

  • One hand accessible knife

  • Whistle

  • 4 meters of 1″ (25mm) tubular nylon webbing for a harness

  • Hardware for a 3:1 M.A. system on your person

  • Proper helmet, footwear, and thermal layers

The Swift Water Rescue Training Advanced Recertification offered exclusively through SSI is a hybrid course with several key goals:

  • Recertify your current SRT and advance your skill set.

  • Reduce the time involved to recertify.

  • Provide an online paltform to cover some of the prerequisite skills needed to be in an Advanced Recertification course.

  • Have heavy influence on skills practically performed in the water, and reduce conventional classroom time.

Core Competencies:

  • 5:1, 7:1, 7:1 M.A.

  • Poldo tackle with retrieve

  • Tensioned diagonal with retrieve

  • Hasty tensioned diagonal

  • Swiss seat + chest harness

  • Moderate slope access and extrication

  • Pig-rig M.A.

  • In-water cut-outs

  • Live bait

  • Foot entrapment

  • Anchor loading analysis

Additional Modules:

  • Raise / lower

  • Mathers Cinch

  • V-lower

  • Vertical kayak stabilization / rescue

  • Tethered craft rescue

  • Tyrollean traverse

  • Vertical bridge rescue

Certification of Course Completion:

Just because you registered for an SRT-Advanced Recertification doesn’t mean you will receive a certification of course completion for an SRT-A. If you are not proficient with all of the listed core competencies at the termination of the training, the instructor may recommend you for a recertification of your SRT-Basic. The length of your expiration date may also be between 1 and 3 years based on your proficiency. The same is true for the expiration length on your SRT-A. Your instructor will talk you through the decision they have made, and give objective reasoning for their decision.

You will be required to advance through all of the lessons, and this online portion of your recertification will be administered through use of multi-media presentations as well as post lesson testing in order to advance to the next lesson. There are nine lessons with approximately 100 minutes of video, and a total of 50 test questions. You will advance through a lesson and be quizzed on that lesson immediately afterwards. You must pass with a minimum of 80% correct overall, and if you fail an exam you have an opportunity to take it once more and improve your score. You can stop after any lesson and come back later and start where you left off. This online training will take anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 hours, and it must be completed prior to the start of your field session.

The online portion of the recertification process serves as your course exam. There will be no further written examinations in the field.


  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) + Quiz (17 min. video)

  2. Rescue Release Belt (5 min. video)

  3. Rescue Equipment + Quiz (14 min. video)

  4. Knots + Verifying you can tie the knots (15 min. video)

  5. Throw Bags + Quiz (2 min. video)

  6. Basic Anchors and Mechanical Advantage + Quiz (29 min. video)

  7. Swimming / Strainers / Emergency Cut-Outs + Quiz (4 min. video)

  8. Foot Entrapment + Quiz (3 min. video)

  9. Communication + Quiz (5 min. video)

  10. Tensioned Diagonal + Quiz (7 min. video)

click here for syllabus

(source: swiftwater safety institute)

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