Large Group, Team, or Family Events

First off, thank you for giving us a chance to host your upcoming large event. We have been doing this a long time and we understand the kind of stress that can go along with putting together a large trip. Triad River Tours has one of the finest, most professionally qualified guide staffs you will ever meet, and we have some great deals that will allow you to stop worrying about your itinerary, and start enjoying yourself. We also have some excellent discounts for you so that you can save some money and spend it on other fun activities for your group. If at any point you would prefer to simply talk to our staff, please call us at 360-510-1243 and let them know you are planning an event. We have simplified the process of putting together packages by following the step by step formula below.

  1. What river do you want to run? With kids, seniors, beginners, or people that are just uncomfortable around water, it's always a safe bet to go with the Skagit River—beginner whitewater. Although we can handle large groups on any of our rivers, it's often best to take a good look at the different rivers and make sure you find one that's appropriate for your group. Here are the rivers we offer for large events, you can click on any of the links and it will open on a new page so you can decide: 
  2. When will you be going? Keep in mind also that each river has a season. Below is some estimations on what time of year is best for each river when accommodating large groups.
    • Skagit River Beginner Whitewater: July-August
    • Sauk River Intermediate Whitewater: May-June
    • Snoqualmie River Intermediate Whitewater: April-May
    • Nooksack River Intermediate Whitewater: July
    • Skykomish River Expert/Advanced Whitewater: June-August
  3. How many rafts will you need? Generally with larger groups it will be cheaper for you to charter multiple rafts. While we must change our capacities when water levels raise or lower, in general you will find that we take 6 people per raft on the Snoqualmie and the Skykomish Rivers, and we take 8 people per raft on the Sauk, Skagit, and Nooksack Rivers. So, simply take your group size and divide it by 6 if you'd like to run the Snoqualmie or Skykomish, and divide the group size by 8 if you'd like to run the Sauk, Skagit, or Nooksack. 
  4. How much will it cost you? There is some very good news here. Generally, not only do larger groups pose less of a burden for our guides, they also tend to be the customers that come back the most often. Simply put; we love taking large groups. There is also a tendency for the trips to be slightly more manageable, and even at times safer when the people in the rafts know and are used to communicating with each other; so you're doing us a favor, and we want to do one in return. We will send you a link to our safety video which you can forward to the group prior to the trip to make sure they are prepared; other than that just have them show up. Below are our per raft, chartered group rates for our guided trips paying per raft OR per person (whichever you prefer): 
    • 1 guided raft: $400 (up to $760 value)
    • 2 guided rafts: $750 (up to $1520 value)
    • 3 guided rafts: $1075 (up to $2280 value)
    • 4 guided rafts: $1375 (up to $3040 value)
    • 5 guided rafts: $1600 (up to $3800 value)
    • 6 guided rafts: $1825 (up to $4560 value)
    • 7 guided rafts: $2050 (up to $5320 value)
    • 8 guided rafts: $2250 (up to $6080 value)
    • 9-20th guided raft: $200 per raft
    • -OR- by quantity of people (not necessarily in private rafts):
      • 9-12 people: 20% discount
      • 13-24 people: 25% discoun
      • 25-36 people: 30% discount
      • 37-48 people: 35% discount
      • 49-60 people: 38% discount
      • 61+ people: 40% discount

Make a Reservation

You can make your reservation by calling us at 360-510-1243

Additional Information

If you need help finding accommodations, lodging, or a place to eat, please let us know. Our staff frequents several local establishments at every one of our rivers, and we can guide you to the place that's most well suited for your group. Also, on each of our web pages (linked above) there is a list of hiking trails, restaurants, and hotels, which we have checked out and approve of; it's at the bottom of each individual page. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to call us at 360-510-1243, or leave your name and contact information in the form below and we will be in touch shortly. 

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