Rafting Equipment

Everything we do starts with organizing our equipment and committing to the task of refining our procedures to make our whitewater rafting trips safer. When safety is your top priority, you cannot skimp on good gear. In Western Washington, reaction time and effectiveness in emergency situations is crucial, and at these times you cannot take the time to consider the possibility of equipment failure; that is why Triad River Tours meticulously tests and selects specific equipment that is perfectly suited for the task at hand. Each Whitewater Rafting trip is led by a trip leader with advanced medical training. Each raft is inspected and is free from any damage that could hinder its performance. We use safety kayakers or safety catarafts whenever the situation requires added safety, and our kayakers are some of the best in the industry. Every raft is equipped with first aid, rescue throw bags, and all the appropriate and required equipment, and then some. We spare no expense in selecting the right tool for the job. To date, we have practiced and ran drills with over a dozen raft designs as well as considered multiple approaches to running safely on the river. With a properly executed protocol as well as hiring and training only those who are passionate about the safety of our guests, we have put together a way of running trips that is second to none when it comes to safety. We look forward to impressing you with our attention to detail, and meticulous selection of only the finest equipment in order to keep you and your family safe on the river. For more specific details on the equipment we use on the river, please visit our page dedicated to the subject by clicking here. 

Rafts we use are manufactured with industry leading designs by leading manufacturers such as Sotar, Maravia, Aire, and NRS. Our rafts are self bailing which offers our clients the feature of enjoying the scenery rather than spending the day bailing water out with a 5 gallon bucket. Raft design has come a long way in the past decade and that is one reason why we have only the newest and most modern whitewater river rafts, some of which are proprietary designs which were designed and built specifically for Triad River Tours for the rivers that we run. 

All of our equipment is held to the highest standard, and safety is always considered before profit margin. We know that this is a business, but we will never make sacrifices to our core values for the sake of making extra money. We believe that if we do right by our guests, they will notice the difference in our trips compared to our competitors. While much of the preparation and training that we do is completely out of the eye of the public, we know it will benefit us in the long run. Great equipment isn't something you find at Wal-Mart, and sometimes what is the industry standard isn't up to our standards, and alternatives have to be sought after. We applaud the manufacturers of equipment which we use for their commitment to quality over quantity, and through supporting us in our pursuit of the most appropriate gear by allowing us to test prototype rafts, and cutting edge equipment. 

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