Fall Training and Protocol Testing

We were able to get the crew out on the Sauk River the past two weekends, although on November 1st the Sauk was a little too high for rafts so only the safety boaters went. As it turns out the USGS hydrograph was busted; we reported it and they have it fixed now. The following weekend we took a training trip down and actually saw the local Sheriff out kayaking the same day. River levels came back down to normal, though they've been rapidly spiking from time to time over the past week. 


Today (November 14th) we had planned on running the Wenatchee but we were a little concerned that the higher water wouldn't give us a good feel so we took to the Nooksack to test water levels slightly above the higher limit (upper bound) listed by American Whitewater. We took a little time, also, to run some evacuation trails and time that. The city of Glacier makes the Nooksack a nice run for evacuations because they have emergency services right in town and the town is half way through the run. 


We have some go pro footage of it so we made a youtube video. The Nooksack is a temperamental little river with wood problems that are common on it. We still like it and look forward to having guests on it. Our safety kayakers and lead guides agreed on an upper bound limit for commercial guests of around 2500 cubic feet of water per second... of course, it all depends on conditions and who our guests are, but we felt really comfortable at this level. Take care to all!