5 Major Health Benefits of River Rafting

There are many more reasons to go river rafting other than just because it’s fun!

There are many more reasons to go river rafting other than just because it’s fun!

White water rafting has become an extremely popular activity in the United States. Statista reports that “In 2017, there were approximately 3.48 million participants in rafting in the U.S.” Although many pursue the water sport for the thrill it provides, there are several health benefits linked to it as well. Learn all about the health benefits of river rafting ahead.

Great Exercise

If you are looking to get some exercise and have some fun, white water river rafting is the activity for you. White water rafting requires you to use your arms and navigate through the water, which in turn, helps you gain muscle. White water rafting is also a great cardio workout, as participants will burn a lot of calories.  

Reduces Stress

Life throws many obstacles at us, and the stress can become overwhelming if you are not careful. White water rafting is an excellent option to reduce stress—it’s a simple, yet healthy way to take your mind off life’s uncertainties. Spending a day out on the water and experiencing nature’s beauty can change your tune quickly.  

Vitamin D

White water rafting is also a great source of vitamin D. Spending all day outside in the sun is a great way to collect essential nutrients that you need for your health. Vitamin D boasts an array of health benefits—it can help fight disease, reduce depression, and boost weight loss.


An added health benefit of river rafting is participants must use teamwork. The skills participants gain from working with others to navigate the rushing water can assist in all aspects of life. That is why white water rafting is a great activity for families and co-workers, as you put differences aside, build healthy communication, and tread through the rapids together.

Promotes Confidence

White water rafting isn’t easy and getting through the water safely can give you a sense of accomplishment. With the help of a guide, successfully finishing the course will have you celebrating and fresh off the buzz of adrenaline.

If you are interested in taking up white water rafting in Washington, contact Triad River Tours—we’ll show you why life is better on the river.

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