4 Tips For Having Great Outdoor Adventures

In 2016 Americans logged an incredible 11 billion outdoor outings.

In 2016 Americans logged an incredible 11 billion outdoor outings.

In 2016 Americans logged an incredible 11 billion outdoor outings, averaging 76.5 outings per participant. These outings can range from small hikes at the local park to week-long whitewater rafting trips. If you’re thinking about taking an adventurous trip at some point this summer, then you should make sure you set yourself up for a fun, safe, and exciting trip.

So how can you plan the ultimate summer adventure? Here are some great tips for having a fantastic outdoor outing this summer:

  • Start planning early -- Whether you’re getting a few kayaking quotes or booking flights, starting the planning process as early as possible is a great way to ensure that your upcoming trip will be a major success. While outdoor enthusiasts are often spontaneous and free-spirited, preparation is the foundation of any successful trip.

  • Travel with only a few friends -- Going on vacations with a dozen of your friends can be a blast, but for outdoor adventures, it’s best to stick with only two, three, or four of your closest, most trusted friends. Your wildcard friend might be fun during a night out at the bars, but taking him or her along on a rafting or kayaking trip can lead to some annoying, and dangerous, complications. Keep your group small and only go on these fun-filled trips with a few of your closest friends.

  • Adventure at your own pace -- Far too many people get kayaking quotes for intense rivers that they simply aren’t experienced enough to handle. It’s okay to push yourself a little, but make sure you’re not overdoing it. The last thing you want is to jeopardize the safety of your group.

  • Bring the necessary equipment and gear -- No matter how intense you plan on getting during your outdoor adventure, you must always follow safety procedures and remain careful. Make sure you're bringing helmets, first-aid kits, and plenty of water and food for your trip. Far too many novice adventurers think they can skate by with a couple bottles of water and some beef jerky. If you aren't sure what to bring, talk to your guides about the necessary safety gear for your particular trip. Some of this gear they may provide upon your arrival, while other pieces of gear should be brought with you.

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