Sauk River Wood Danger

Guides spotted 3 logs in a dangerous spot on the Sauk River on January 28th. The logs are positioned at the bottom right of the rapid called Jaws; they are not a serious safety issue right now for us (we ran it close to our lower bound cutoff to just do drills) but in higher water boats taking the standard right run could be pushed into it. 

The trees cover about 3/4 of the river right now, extending from the right bank out into the flat pool (about 150 feet of slack water after jaws) after the big “demon seed” rock…

Darkness got to the training run before they could go back up to develop a strategy for avoiding it, but we will look at it more closely next time we are up there and report back.

At this time we are not sure if high water will wash them out or not. They clearly fell from the high cut bank that exists below Jaws on the right.

The map above is of the Sauk; Jaws is in the center of the map.