June seeing record low water on PNW rivers

This whitewater year has been like no other in history, particularly in the Puget Sound basin where our Skykomish whitewater trips are held. Each day that passes sets new record lows in this watershed, often reaching levels only half of the previously recorded 100 year record low water level. But, while temperatures increase and the small bit of snow that exists in the Puget Sound area melts, the North Cascades continue to freshen up our summer lives with high elevation snowpack and reasonably full water levels. 

The Sauk and Skagit Rivers are both fed by high elevation glaciers that are upwards of 10,000 feet above sea level, which are making them exempt from the kind of struggles of the lower elevation sourced river systems such as the Wenatchee and Skykomish Rivers. Furthermore, The Skagit, while not the most exciting whitewater river, is beautifully filled with scenery and represents a perfect getaway from daily life. The Skagit flows from the high glacial peaks of southern British Columbia, and as a result has more snowpack than any drainage in Washington. The Skagit River is going to see a lot of attention this summer, so make sure to book your trip early. We are currently accepting reservations for this very accommodating, and very family friendly introductory level whitewater rafting trip. So, don't be an elitist and get stuck on only having fun on a class 4 adventure.. enjoy the simpler things and get out on the Skagit with some friends and have a great time that you won't soon forget. If you're new to whitewater rafting, you picked the best possible summer to get started; so come with us on the Skagit and get trained up and prepared so you can tackle the bigger whitewater next year.