Seattle Fly Fishing Lessons

Our Fly Fishing program is specifically tailored to those that are new to the sport or who have been at it for some time and need to take it up a step; it is designed around education and skill building. While we operate as an outfitting company, our fly fishing clinics are privately scheduled events which are available on a first come first serve basis. Our basic curriculum is adaptable to the demands and needs of our clientele. Typically, our fly fishing lessons for the Seattle area begin with the basics of casting, along with etiquette, techniques on still and moving water, and an introduction to the basics of fly patterns and if requested a session on fly tying is available.

Our system is not focused on catching a great deal of fish, but rather on the methods and strategies used by your instructors to assist in your development with the skills necessary to enjoy the art of fly fishing. People looking to get advice on local fishing conditions or hire a guide should look to the local fly shop, Confluence Fly Shop, or by contacting Cascade Fly. We focus solely on helping our guests understand and develop their skills. 

New clients do not need to have their own equipment, and these fly fishing lessons for the Seattle area are quite helpful for someone who is interested in the sport, and wants to understand the proper equipment for their desired application before they spend the money on their gear. Fly Fishing is a rewarding and beautiful hobby that can be refined to the level of a personal art which brings one close to nature. Our primary fly fishing guide grew up in the mountains of Idaho and began fly fishing and tying flies at 10 years old. Fly Fishing, for him, is a way of life, and a way to live in accordance with nature. Rather than simply bringing you to fish so you can catch them, our program is designed to guide you along your personal journey as you gain momentum in the sport. If you are looking to add meat to the freezer you would be better off hiring an off shore charter.


1-day Instruction: $350 (one person). $525 (two people). $700 (three people)


  • Catered lunch (from local restaurant)
  • Transportation to and from fishing location
    • Beginner fly casters start on slow moving water or creeks
    • Experienced fly casters can start on either
    • Guests interested in fly tying can incorporate a tying session at the close of the day
  • All fishing equipment including flies and use of rods, reels (clothing and waders are not provided)
  • 8 hours of instruction (meeting is usually at 8am and goes until 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break)
  • Free Illustrated Guidebook "The Curtis Creek Manifesto" (other reading materials can be recommended)
  • Breakdown of fly fishing system (holistic overview)
  • Entomology
    • Stoneflies
    • Mayflies
    • Caddisflies
    • Chironomids
    • Terrestrials
    • Pupae, Larvae, Adult, etc.
    • Classic and Contemporary Fly Patters
      • Adams
      • Adams Parachute
      • Midge emerger
      • Elk Hair Caddis
      • Stimulator
      • Streamers
      • Wooly Bugger
      • Pheasant Tail
      • Hare’s Ear
      • And others
      • Local favorites
  • Fishing streams, rivers, lakes (varying approaches)
  • Fast action rods vs. slower action rods
    • Rods we use are made by: Winston, St. Croix, Loomis, TFO
  • Fly Reels
    •  Reels we use are made by Redington and TFO
  • Fly lines (weight forward vs. double taper et. al)
  • Leaders
  • Tippets
  • Personal gear (waders, vest, fleece, boots, hat, etc.)
  • Impact that weather has on fish
  • Learning to read water
  • Principles (“10 commandments”)
  • Single vs. Double Hauling
  • Presentation
  • Techniques for Lakes, Creeks, (from boat, from shore, wading, etc.)