Packraft Rescue | April 18-19, 2020

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Packraft Rescue | April 18-19, 2020


Training specifically designed around the needs of packrafts. Lead Instructor Zak Sears from Swiftwater Safety Institute will lead this course on the Snoqualmie River. 

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3 Year Packraft Specific Swiftwater Rescue Training (PSRT-I) Certification – with satisfactory practical and written skills evaluations.

Learning Objectives

  • Remote-based rescues with limited rescue resources
  • Personnel and group communication
  • Gaining comfort with swimming in rivers
  • Basic paddling skills
  • Self recovery and assisted recovery in a packraft
  • Packraft limitations and advantages
  • Proper use of a packraft as a rescue craft
  • Packraft field repair
  • Self rescue and rescue priorities
  • Foot entrapment extrication
  • Tethered swimmer (live bait)
  • Tethered rescue craft
  • Shallow water crossings
  • Hazard avoidance and recognition
  • Knots and anchors
  • Basic (horizontal) technical rope systems
  • Problem solving with limited gear and resources
  • Overall emergency assessment and recognition dealing with swift water application