Our Schedule and Bookings are based on Safety

Triad River Tours is a big step ahead of the industry in terms of preparation and working with nature to determine the safest, and most fun times of year to run each river. We closely monitor snowpacks, weather patterns, and historical records regarding river flows. We also send scouting crews down each river throughout the year to determine if the river has any mass movement (landslides), trees, or other obstacles which should influence our trips. We don't take money until we are relatively certain that we can run a trip safely on that day, and that is not always simple. 


According to all of our independently audited safety protocol (step by step safety systems which we abide by), and according to the law, we must have at the very least, two crafts going down the river at once. Sometimes we can avoid having to have two rafts (approximately 12-16 people) on a trip, by scheduling a safety specific rescue boater to follow us. Other times we rely on our reservation system to get enough people on any river on any given day to provide the right team dynamic to ensure that we have enough safety for everyone. We typically use an 8 person minimum, this ensures two rafts which have 4 people in each one (a raft that is then loaded to a reasonably safe capacity). Rafts with only 2 or 3 people in them are too light and often flip. Rafts with more people have more momentum, more power, and have more people to work as a team during rescues. We want more people on the river for safety, and we also want our guides on the river as much as possible, therefore we try to ensure that we are grouping people together. Typically this means that we reserve weekends (when more people are wanting to go rafting) during the summer, and then we reserve the prime season for each river. These dates are what we call "Priority Booking Dates". 


Priority booking dates are dates that we intend fully on running rafting trips on that section of river. We will, however, cancel any trip which is deemed unsafe by our staff. This is rare, but it happens if, for example, a log or tree falls in the river, if river levels become too high or too low to navigate safely. It also happens when we simply don't have enough people to get us down the river. If you make a reservation and we are unable to run the river that day, you will be given a full refund, and of course an opportunity to book another trip on the same section on another day, or on a different section.