Group and Family Whitewater Rafting Trips

While most of our whitewater rafting trips fall under the intermediate level, we know that not all groups have the experience or years under their belts for such an excursion. That’s why we offer family whitewater rafting trips in northwest Washington of varying difficulties that everyone can enjoy.

Whitewater Rafting for Families

We know that the safety of your kids is your top priority—and it’s ours, as well. Our experienced guides not only in navigating the many rivers in the Pacific Northwest but also in the latest techniques and systems to ensure your group’s safety. We offer introductory whitewater rafting trips that instruct rafters of all ages about the fundamentals of whitewater rescue and best practices when out on the river. But don’t worry—these trips are much more than a boring instructional course. You’ll experience the natural beauty of the region while enjoying the exhilarating rush of whitewater rafting.

Whitewater Rafting for Groups

We can plan group whitewater rafting trips in northwest Washington for groups of almost any size. While some river rafting guides shy away from large groups, we welcome them. From our experience, groups with people that know each other and often communicate amongst themselves are easier to manage, and they also tend to be safer. What’s more, we structure our pricing so that you pay less per person the larger your group. Our group whitewater rafting trips in northwest Washington are a fun way to experience nature and bond.

Ready to Get Started?

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