Raft & Kayak Expedition Consulting

Our company was founded by a freelance journeyman guide with over 20 years of multi-day rafting experience, working all around North America for over 30 different commercial outfitters. All of our guide staff have extensive experience with rafting and/or kayaking in local as well as multi-day expedition rafting. If you are planning a trip into the wilderness and need a little guidance in planning, need to ask for advice on how to set up a safety system, want to know current conditions of the river, or want to hire us to do a scouting trip and provide you with video of the route, we are at your service.

Rivers of the North Cascades can be one of two things; a private boater paradise, or a death trap... depending on how you prepare.

Rivers of the North Cascades can be one of two things; a private boater paradise, or a death trap... depending on how you prepare.


Rafting and Kayaking specific

We have been hired by government agencies, movie producers, private parties, and non-profit agencies to ensure that trips are run to the highest level of safety detail. If you are in Washington State, consider hiring our team for one day; we can even meet you at your river location, take a look at and test your gear, and go over some basic river rescue procedures and ensure that everyone is on the same page and that you're truly prepared for the adventure you're about to undertake. A day with us will ensure that you have taken the appropriate steps to unify your group behind a uniform safety system. Sometimes it's helpful just to have an objective eye, not to mention a sounding board to ask questions. 


Why pay the money?

Each year the paper is filled with  more reports of novice as well as highly experienced boaters losing their lives when it could have been prevented. Taking extra steps in no way means you don't know what you're doing, it just means that you are showing respect to nature, and to the lives of your team. Industry professionals have not only decades of experience in life saving rescues, they have access to systems, procedures, and data that the public just cannot acquire. Utilizing a professional consulting service as an auditing aspect, or in the planning of your adventure is a great investment to ensure the safety and quality of your adventure. 

We can help plan adventures on rivers all around the world, but are especially adept at rivers that our guides know and understand well, which includes just about any river in the Northwest. Let us know what you're looking to do on your adventure, and we'll lend insight based on our experience and knowledge. 

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