Position Openings and Employee Policies

Current Positions Open: 

Whitewater Photography and Social Media Internship (apply here)

Entry Level Whitewater Guides (apply here)


River Guides are Outdoor Hospitality Professionals

If you desire a career in the whitewater industry while working in a dynamic and creative team environment and think that our company could be a great fit, we encourage you to apply to work for us. We hire, on average 2-3 new guides per year, and hire and train 2-4 whitewater and photography interns. We conduct a guide training session which is quite different than the brief introductions that are out there. As a result, typically, we hire guides who have previous experience. First year guides can sign on to Triad as interns for their first season and learn as they go. Eventually we work out first year guides into the rotation on our easier sections of river and eventually into the more challenging runs. We work with multi-day expedition companies to find the best guides available, and can offer you a future in the industry that will grow with you as you progress as a professional guide. If you are interested in working for Triad River Tours or its affiliate outfitter, Mountain River Outfitters, please send a resume and statement of purpose to us through the contact us form on this website. We will return your message as soon as those documents have been reviewed. 


Equal Opportunity Policy

Triad River Tours is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing a work environment that is both accepting and in compliance with all applicable laws regarding employment discrimination.  Triad’s policy is not to discriminate by reason of race, color, religion, disability, sex/gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information, citizenship status, national origin, age, or veteran status.  In addition, we promise to comply with all applicable laws prohibiting employment discrimination based on any other factor.

Triad River Tours will make a reasonable accommodation for all individuals with a disability, unless doing so would result in an undue hardship for our company.  We want the most cohesive workplace possible, and are prepared to make compromises for those with disabilities in order to keep our company as diverse in personnel as we are in innovation.


Hiring Practices and Human Resources Responsibility

Triad River Tours fully accepts its responsibilities to the laws regarding equal opportunity when it comes to our hiring practices.  We insist that all individuals be treated with respect and dignity.   We specifically aim to increase diversity in our workplace through encouraging minorities and protected groups.  We absolutely encourage people of these protected groups to apply with our company.


Work Environment/Harassment

Triad River Tours has a difficult work environment which causes incredible strain and difficulty for many of its employees.  Our jobs require that we work in stressful situations in close proximity to each other.  Conduct that is considered harassment is clearly dictated in Title 7, and can be found at the following URL:  http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/index.cfm.  If you do not have access to a computer or need additional assistance with these laws, or feel that you may have been harassed or otherwise mistreated while working for our company, we will be happy to provide you with a paper copy of the equal opportunity laws which apply to your situation.  We absolutely want you to come forward with any complaints you may have so that we can deal with them appropriately and swiftly.  Triad River Tours takes allegations of harassment very seriously.  Triad River Tours expressly forbids any kind of harassment or discrimination on the job, by its direct employees, contractors, managers, customers, and anyone who we do business with.  We will not allow illegal harassment to take place at our company.  If you at any time feel that you may have been harassed or discriminated against, immediately call (360) 510-1243 to speak with Luke E. Baugh, who is in charge of informal EEO complaints. All employees have access to a sexual harassment complaint form which is available on our online company database.



Statement of purpose regarding employees

Even though we are not a large corporation, we believe that the behavior and professionalism of our guides pervades into the industry; we believe in leading by example.  All guides are required to respect their peers and ensure a safe and positive work environment for all employees.  We are all professionals creating a professional workplace atmosphere, sometimes far away from home.  Triad River Tours is truly dedicated to ensuring a positive workforce, and we feel that one of the ways to do that is to remain committed to a diverse workplace. This is a workplace that relies heavily on teamwork, and interpersonal communication, it is critical that all employees who work for Triad or wish to work for Triad, also respect all people.  

We want the BEST applicant, not just the one who has the money and time to do it, so we focus on internship programs and training sessions that aren't too expensive but yet are very demanding. We do not care wether you're male, female, or neither, or wether you are 6'8 or 5'2. We don't hire based on your sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, or any other surface level differences. We want the right PEOPLE that really care and are passionate about getting people safely exposed to the wilds of our northwest rivers and can function on our team. We want someone with the guts, character, and fortitude to do this job the right way, and stay focused and dedicated to the task to the end. The quality of being in some individuals, coupled with the sheer desire to keep people safe and master the art of river running is critical, and it is rare. We will wait for these people to apply with us. 

We really like our guides to express intention or commitment for more than one year because experience makes you safer and thus more valuable. If you're on the fence about guiding over the long term, or if you think this may be just a passing summer phase, our program isn't going to be a good fit for you. Our operation and our managers are intense and demanding, and while we no doubt have fun and enjoy what we do, this is a professional workplace with high expectations. Let's be realistic, first year guides are statistically the most dangerous out there, that's just the reality of the situation. Guides with 5 or 10 years experience as commercial guides typically saw more flips, pins, and accidents during their first couple years in the industry; that's just how it goes for most of us. The other side of that coin is that if we use the least experienced (cheapest) guides out there, then we essentially are relying on the general public, and more specifically our customers, to be guinea pigs for the experimental program of deciding wether or not someone is actually cut out for the profession. While it's unavoidable, it's something to be very aware of and cautious about. This leads us to demand more, and offer more, to our less experienced guides, particularly our first year guides. They often lack the experience to make the right decisions in difficult circumstances, and we understand that, so we typically surround them with experienced people that can lead the way and show how it's done.

Guide Certification and Skill Set Expectations for First Year Guides

  • Wilderness First Aid -or- Wilderness First Responder (Remote Medical preferred provider)
  • SRT-1 "Swiftwater Rescue Technician" (Swiftwater Safety Institute preferred provider)
  • 50 Hour Certification on river skill in accordance with Washington State RCW 79A.60.430
  • Flip Drill Standards: 1 flip and recovery in 30 seconds. 3 flips and recovery in under 2 minutes.
  • Z-Drag Standards: simple z-drag in 30 seconds. Complex Z-drag with self equalizing anchor within 2 minutes.
  • Ability and application of R1 (solo paddle) a raft on every section in which you will be potentially guiding.
  • Standard CPR class (Red Cross preferred provider)