Overview of our Company: Triad River Tours

Triad River Tours was founded on the idea that higher quality river rafting trips need not be extravagant. Rather, that the wonderful experiences and events that happen between families, friends, individuals, and mother nature, are contingent not on material comforts or duration of the experience, but rather the quality of relationships formed through providing a medium for those relationships to take place.

Here are a few key principles to abide by at our company. There are certainly ways that these ideas can develop and be improved upon (perhaps with your help) but in general, when you work at this company these are the 5 key philosophies that our employees need to be aligned with.

1.     You are the most vital part of our company. You are the image, so take seriously the way you present yourself, the way you speak to our guests, and the way you prepare yourself for working here.

2.     Nothing that we do is without risk. Recognize the truth of death and drowning, as well as other serious and non-serious injuries, which have occurred doing what we do. At no point fail to recognize the serious task and potential for liability for our company you are charged with when you are taking people down a river for money.

3.     Be open with the people you work with. There is a difference between complaining and constructively criticizing a system or the manner in which a coworker completed a task. We are all here to openly communicate with each other to run better trips that do a better job of serving our clientele. It is how we stay in business. You should never hold back to voice your opinion in any situation where appropriate (be careful in front of guests, though).

4.     Be a professional. You are paid a professional wage and you are expected to go about your duties in a way that is consistent with our message of complete and total professionalism towards our guests. This is an ambiguous subject, but if you take is seriously, do some research, and listen to and follow the lead of the lead guides you surround yourself with, it will be easy for you to develop the kind of professionalism necessary to do well in the Triad system. The way you communicate, the way you present yourself, the way you prepare, and the way you get things done all stems from your degree of professionalism. Our company is designed to treat you like a professional, not a piece of human capital.

5.     Be creative. Your creative abilities and your work ethic are a big part of our success; make sure to use them, as they are vital to our success, and to yours. Do not come to work expecting to be told what to do if you are being paid; that is what training is for. You are participating and being compensated for your professional skill set, as well as your ability to contribute to the improvement, progression, and perfection of our systems and protocols. It is vital that you do not become a static piece of human equipment. You must always be able to find within you and connect with a passion for what you do, which can be used to creatively get through situations with or without guidance. It is our core belief that people work better when they are allowed to be themselves. If you do not fit in with our system, simply do not work here. We want you to be creative, to be expressive, and to recognize the influence you have on this company. It’s very important that you learn to be a very successful self-manager. You will be treated as a professional. Professionals are not told what to do every second of every day. All guides and employees of all kinds at Triad River Tours are considered valuable assets for their unique way of going about things. We are not in the business of putting necessary barriers around your abilities; we are here to empower you so that you can bring your unique set of skills to our trips.


Company History


Triad River Tours was founded in October of 2012 by Luke Baugh, a multi-day rafting guide from Idaho who also worked in the outdoor industry as a marketing agent and salesperson in addition to holding several positions at multiple outfitting companies around the US beginning in 1994. Triad was originally based on the Sauk and Skagit River systems, and only through growth and guide influence has it expanded to its current size. Each year, since 2013, Triad has grown on an average of 39% annually. Our core guide roster has stayed in tact since 2014. 

Ethical Principles

Triad River Tours represents a forward thinking and innovative look into the future of the outdoor guiding industry. Triad is a risk taking company, and nearly all of it’s success can be attributed to ignoring the mainstream and decidedly relying on it’s guides’ talent and abilities to make creative decisions, along with continuous refinement of procedures through open and clear communication. Triad is a leave no trace outfitter and believes strongly that more people should be able to have access to wild public lands, and proceeds to lead by example in terms of river etiquette and conservation.


Statement of Equal Opportunity


Triad River Tours is an equal opportunity employer with aggressive social justice goals. We are committed to providing a work environment that is both accepting and in compliance with all applicable laws regarding employment discrimination.  Triad’s policy is not to discriminate by reason of race, color, religion, disability, sex/gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information, citizenship status, national origin, age, or veteran status.  In addition, we promise to comply with all applicable laws prohibiting employment discrimination based on any other factor.


Triad River Tours will make a reasonable accommodation for all individuals with a disability, unless doing so would result in an undue hardship for our company.  We want the most cohesive workplace possible, and are prepared to make compromises for those with disabilities in order to keep our company as diverse in personnel as we are in innovation. Any employee who is aware of discriminatory conduct or who has any concern about a possible violation of this policy should immediately report the conduct or concern to his or her supervisor, designated human resource personnel or any corporate officer.


Employee Professionalism


Even though we are not a large corporation, we believe that the behavior and professionalism of our guides pervades into the industry; we believe in leading by example.  All guides are required to respect their peers and ensure a safe and positive work environment for all employees.  We are all professionals creating a professional workplace atmosphere, sometimes far away from home.  Triad River Tours is truly dedicated to ensuring a positive workforce, and we feel that one of the ways to do that is to remain committed to a diverse workplace. This is a workplace that relies heavily on teamwork, and interpersonal communication, it is critical that all employees who work for Triad or wish to work for Triad, also respect all people.