Skykomish River in low water. Guide: Blake Henderson.

Skykomish River in low water. Guide: Blake Henderson.


Seasonal Priority Launch Dates for WA State Whitewater Trips

Note: All dates subject to changes due to river levels. Call to ensure availability.

Upper Skagit: April 1st-September 20th
Sauk River: April 1st-June 15th 
Skykomish River: June 1st-August 1st

note: Lower Skagit River Scenic Trips run all year.

note: Eagle Watching Trips run December-January

note: Kayak Instruction runs all year


what does this mean? 

During these dates we reserve our top guides and focus our operation at these locations. It does not mean that these are our only times on those rivers, it simply means that this is the time designated by our staff as the traditionally best river levels, and therefore the most consistent water flows, the best trips, and the easiest times to book your trip and have space on the date you’re looking for. 

If a river becomes too high to run safely, too low to navigate successfully, or otherwise too dangerous or too lame to run, we reserve the right, and are often times required by law, to not run the river. Be aware that all rivers are incredibly dynamic natural features and predictions on them are always generalizations if not total shots in the dark. This is our best guess based on historical averages, hydrograph research, and feedback from customers and long time local guides.


If you are looking for the biggest water and have plenty of previous experience: Go for the Skykomish River in early season. 

If you are looking for the easiest water that is kid and senior friendly: Go for the Skagit River in July-September

If you are looking for an intermediate run: Go for the Sauk River

If you are looking to have an amazing summer: Run the Skagit in April, The Sauk in June, and the Skykomish in July.