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North Cascades River Rafting Tours

Triad River Tours offers scenic river tours and whitewater rafting trips in Western Washington with permission from the United States Forest Service, the National Park Service, and all state, federal, and local authorities. With extensive training in whitewater and swift water rescue techniques, river managers with extensive experience in backcountry expedition travel, Triad River Tours provides an experience that is incredibly enjoyable upon a firm foundation of cutting edge safety protocols that are equal or above industry standard. Triad River Tours, as a member of the American Outdoor Association, and as an affiliate of industry leading whitewater teams, has access to information and equipment which is crucial to the safety and successful passage on any whitewater or outdoor recreation vacation. Trusting the safety of yourself, friends, and family is at the very heart of what we believe in. Triad River Tours takes it's responsibility to the public very seriously, and in any whitewater situation is capable of the very finest in preventative safety measures. 


From scenic wine tasting float tours to the most extreme and technical whitewater our beautiful state has to offer, Triad River Tours will be guiding you along the way to ensure that you are educated, prepared, and equipped with the proper gear and knowledge to have a successful trip. All trips are practiced endlessly by our guides and all of our equipment is tested and conditioned to be ready for anything, even on our most basic scenic trips. We spare no effort nor expense to ensure that our guests have a great time on our river tours. While rafting we know that no good time can be had if worry consumes us, that's why we take great care in preparing our trips long before you arrive, including educational videos and preparatory information that all guests receive prior to their trip. Our rafts are top of the line and our guides are the very best in the industry. Come visit Triad River Tours and experience the simplicity of mother nature and the beautiful rivers of the Northwest. Wether you are near Seattle or Bellingham visiting friends and family, or if you live here in Western Washington with us, please take the time to enjoy the beautiful river escapes that surround us here in the beautiful northwest. River Rafting is best left to the cautious, the prepared, and the professional. Please join Triad River Tours on your next whitewater rafting or scenic rafting adventure. 


Current Seasonal Rafting Trips

Sauk Whitewater

Season: May-August

Duration: 3 hours

Length:  7 miles

Location: near Darrington, WA

Difficulty: High

Wetsuit Required: Yes

Best time to go: May/June/July

Cost: $79

Scenic Wine Tasting 

Season: April-October

Duration: 3 hours

Length:  9 miles

Location: near Rockport, WA

Difficulty: Low

Wetsuit Required: No

Best time to go: Any

Cost: $79

Upper Skagit

Season: May-September

Duration: 3.5 hours

Length:  9 miles

Location: near Marblemount, WA

Difficulty: Medium

Wetsuit Required: No

Best time to go: Aug-Sept

Cost: $79

note: all trips are subject to availability and are subject to cancellation due to unsafe river conditions.